Honey hunting or honey harvesting is the gathering of honey from wild bee colonies and is one of the most ancient human activities and is still practiced by aboriginal societies in parts of Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America. Some of the earliest evidence of gathering honey from wild colonies is from rock painting, dating to around 8,000 BC. In the Middle Ages in Europe, the gathering of honey from wild or semi-wild bee colonies was carried out on a commercial scale.

Gathering honey from wild bee colonies is usually done by subduing the bees with smoke and breaking open the tree or rocks where the colony is located, often resulting in the physical destruction of the colony.

In the Sunderban forest, shared by West Bengal and Bangladesh, estuarine forests are the area of operation of honey hunters.[2] They are known as “Mawals“. This is a dangerous occupation as many honey hunters die in tiger attacks which are common in this area. The harvest ritual, which varies slightly from community to community, begins with a prayer and sacrifice of flowers, fruits, and rice. Then a fire is lit at the base of the cliff to smoke the bees from their honeycombs.

Guide Tours is the first to take tourist inside the forest with the honey collectors and experience this unique event since 1991.


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04 Apr’19


Arrive in Khulna by 4 pm and board the awaiting vessel at Jailkhana ghat. After completion of the boarding, the boat will begin the cruise towards Burigoalini Forest Station in Satkhira range of the Sundarbans Forest Division (West). We expect our boat cruise late into the night and arrive at the destination early in the morning.
05 Apr’19


In the morning after breakfast, you will disembark the boat at Burigoalini Forest Station and our guide will show you the preparation of the mowalis (honey hunters) before going into the forest in the noon. Our boat will accompany the mawalis boat and let you experience the honey collection activities. Overnight onboard.
06 Apr’19 You will continue experiencing the honey collection activities for the second consecutive day. Overnight on board.
07 Apr’19 After spending most of the day experiencing the honey collection in the forest, you will start return journey cruising towards Khulna in the afternoon. Overnight onboard.
08 Apr’19 After breakfast you will take return journey to home.


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33400 22300 16700 13400 11200 10500 9700 9000 8500 6500

*Forest entrance fee: BDT 5,100 / Foreigner

*Forest entrance fee: BDT 5,10 / Bangladeshi


  1. The trip as per itinerary with onboard accommodation on sharing basis and meals starting from dinner on 4th April to breakfast on 8th April
  2. Forest permission and entrance fees for Bangladeshis only
  3. English speaking guide



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