Detailed Trip Itinerary  M.V CHHUTI Adventure Cruise to

Sundarban –

Land of the Tiger

The world’s largest contiguous mangrove forest hosts an amazing faunal & floral diversity, including the probably largest remaining population of Royal Bengal tigers, the endangered estuarine crocodile, Ganges River dolphins as well as an astounding variety of birds.Join our Adventure Cruise and explore this intricate maze of tidal waterways, a natural treasure of Bangladesh.








Welcome to our Sundarban Adventure Cruise.

Early in the morning board the waiting boat at Jailkhana Ghat in Khulna. After completion of the boarding, the boat will begin the cruise to the south. After few hours of cruising the boat will stop at a forest station to complete formalities and also pick up armed forest guards to stay onboard. After that, the boat will resume the cruise and arrive at Kotka forest station late in the afternoon and anchor for an overnight stay. If time permits your guide will offer some activities in the forest. Overnight on board.






Shortly after sunrise, we invite you to explore the narrow creeks aboard a wooden rowboat, allowing a close look at the unique mangrove fauna & flora.

After a leisurely breakfast, the guide will offer a variety of activities, including an easy trek to the pristine beach facing the Bay of Bengal or a hike through the mangroves. In the afternoon there will be more activities for you. Overnight on board.







Depending on the tide schedule, the boat will begin the return journey with the high tide and be cruising the whole day, arrive Khulna in the evening. Disembark the boat after dinner.

Price per person:


2pax 4pax 6pax 8pax 10pax
37500 20700 15000 12300 10600


12pax 14pax 16pax 18pax 20pax
9500 8700 8000 7600 7200


        *Forest permission will be BDT. 550/- Bangladeshi

* Forest permission will be BDT 5100/ foreign nationals.


  1. The trip as per itinerary with onboard accommodation on sharing basis and meals starting from breakfast on day-01 to dinner on day-03
  2. English speaking guide

Kindly note that alcoholic drinks are not be served on board. But one is free to bring them along. Soft drinks shall be available for payment.


For your own comfort, we request you to carry minimum luggage. However, we suggest you to carry the following items:  Torch / Towel / Umbrella or Raincoat / Binoculars / Suitable Clothes / Camera & Film / Mosquito repellent / Sun     tan lotion / Walking Shoes & Sandals / Swimming gear / Reading material / Board Games.



  1. Safety is important for you and your friends. Always ensure that armed forest guards and/or an experienced guide accompany you when getting on land in the Sundarban. Their knowledge and experience is essential for your
  2. Do not carry any kind of the following items: knife (of any size), fishing rod, guns (of all sorts) and specifically any sharp Any violation of the above shall be subjected to a penalty or fine of BDT 1000.
  3. Please walk quietly and in small groups in the forest, follow and respect the signs, remain in the areas of public access only and do not disturb the wildlife, ongoing research or the other
  4. Respect the fragility of the forest. Do not cut, extract and damage the
  5. Dispose of waste properly or if no bins are available, bring it back with Do not leave or throw anything inside the forest, including cigarette butts.






Prior confirmation of booking is always necessary to avail our tours and services. A tour or service may be considered as confirmed only after an advance payment of 50%. The remaining payment has to be made as per the following deposit and payment policy.




All deposits and payments will be subject to our cancellation policy.

Confirmation of exclusive bookings must be done at least 40 days prior to departure. Full payment has to be made 19 days prior to departure.

We accept payments in cash, cheque, and cards (Master and Visa only). A surcharge of 2.5% will be applicable on payment by cards. We also accept payment directly to our bank account. A copy of the deposit slip is required as a proof of payment.

We accept foreign currencies like US Dollars, GBP, and Euros in cash.





If cancelled

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Transport booking

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Between 19 & 36 days 50% Nil Nil Nil
Between 9 & 18 days 60% 15% Nil Nil
Between 4 & 8 days 80% 30% Nil 15%
Less than 96 hours 100% 50% One night rent 50%
Less than 72 hours n/a 80% 100% 75%
Less than 48 hours n/a 100% n/a 100%


  1. All bookings will be subject to a minimum cancellation charge of 500/- irrespective of the time of cancellation.
  2. All air, bus, train, rocket tickets will be subject to the cancellation policy of the respective service Similarly vehicles hired from other companies will be subject to the cancellation policy of the respective transport company. In the case of only hotel reservations, the hotels’ cancellation policy may be applicable.




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SundarbanSUNDARBAN Areas we cover The Sundarban Forest is a diverse and complex ecosystem, influenced by fresh-water inflow, proximity to the Bay of Bengal and human activities. In the southeastern part, the biodiversity is highest. Due to open sea-facing meadows, wildlife visibility is best here. Therefore most of our tours visit Katka and Kochikhali in the Read more

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