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The Sundarban Forest is a diverse and complex ecosystem, influenced by fresh-water inflow, proximity to the Bay of Bengal and human activities. In the southeastern part, the biodiversity is highest. Due to open sea-facing meadows, wildlife visibility is best here. Therefore most of our tours visit Katka and Kochikhali in the South East Sanctuary.

 Activities we offer

  • Exploring narrow creeks by silent country boat and observing wildlife up close
  • Walking on the beautiful, unspoiled sandy beaches along the Bay of Bengal
  • Trekking through the mangrove forest
  • Bird-watching
  • Evening documentary film show (optional)
  • Mudbaths and refreshing swim

Special Trips

Honey Collection (April – May)

After watching the official opening ceremony of the annual Honey collection season in Burigoalini, we follow a group of Honey collectors to the western part of the forest and join their search for precious honey – a livelihood that has survived through the centuries. This is a physically demanding tour, but unique and unforgettable – A true adventure in the Land of the Tiger.

Bonbibi Mela (January)

People entering the Sundarban Forest to extract forest resources, including fishermen, woodcutters, and honey collectors, pray for a safe return to Bonbibi, the local forest deity. Along the forest edge, permanent shrines are built in her honor. The clay figurines are replaced and colorfully decorated once a year; a unique festive occasion with music, theaters, and fairs.

Dubla Rash Purnima Mela

(Dependant on Lunar Calendar, normally end of November)

Dubla Island, situated at the mouth of the Holy River Ganges, is inhabited by fishermen during the winter months. They are joined by thousands of Hindu pilgrims for the annual Rash Mela, the festival of the Rash full moon. After joyous celebrations and fair activities the night before, the devotees congregate in long lines at the water’s edge in the early hours, holding their offerings and awaiting their blessing. This tour is a special treat for photographers and travelers interested in local traditions and festivals.

Bird-watching Tours

Bangladesh is situated on the cross-path of two major migratory flyways. The coastal areas, including Sundarban Forest, are important breeding, resting and feeding places for a large variety of resident and migratory birds.

We spend a major part of the day in the comfortable, silent country boat exploring small creeks and channels. With your observations, you can help map nesting sites and update the avifauna species list for Sundarban.

 Fishing with Trained Otters

This unique traditional fishing technique is only found in Bangladesh. Fishermen from the Narail/Gopalganj area breed and train their otters to increase the catch. Although they mainly work in the rivers north of the forest, they also enter the Sundarban forest. This tour will start in their home villages and follow the fishermen to Sundarban.


Unesco-protected Bagerhaat has the more ancient mosques and mausoleums than anywhere else in Bangladesh. But the main attraction is the Shait Gombuj or 60-dome mosque. It is the largest and most magnificent traditional mosque in the country. Around the 60-domed mosque are three other smaller, single domed mosques namely Bibi Begni’s Mosque, Chunakhola Mosque, and Singar Mosque. About 2 km east of the Shait Gombuj mosque is the splendid Ronbijoypur Mosque. It has the largest dome in Bangladesh, spanning 11 m and supported by 3 m thick walls.

On the western bank of the Thakur Dighi pond is the Nine-domed mosque. It has an impressive structure with mihrabs embellished with terracotta floral scrolls and foliage motifs, with a prominent chain and bell terracotta motif in the center. Just north of the 9-domed mosque is the Zinda Pir Mosque.

 For all activities we strongly recommend you to use the assistance of a local guide. This will enhance your experience and ensure your safety.

When visiting our Resort and its surroundings, we request you to follow these rules:

  • Respect the local traditions and social rules at all times.
  • Never photograph people without their permission.
  • Do not encourage the illegal wildlife trade by buying endangered animals or animal products.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife and refrain from picking flowers, plants or fruits.
Country Bangladesh
Languages spokenEnglish
Currency usedUSD
Area (km2)9,857,306 km2

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